Baxter Sigma Spectrum

The infusion system was designed SIGMA Baxter spectrum With help reduce errors That features When programming an intravenous infusion. You have the option to choose the Baxter Sigma Spectrum, with software version 6.05 or Baxter Sigma Spectrum With software version 6.02. For example, the infusion system Automatically use SIGMA spectrum drug using default security library at initial system startup. Small, lightweight and easy to use, the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System Also offers wireless connectivity to integrate data into the EMR system to hospital and Facilitate the transfer of data to and from the system to update libraries drugs, as well as Continuing reports quality improvement.


Multi-prevention systems

  • Error dose reduction software configurable
  • Titration limit one step
  • Check the flow at the start of the infusion
  • Checking secondary infusion container

Full record software to create reports CQI fast and intuitive workflow

  • Easy to install and program safely
  • Screen bright and easy to read color,
  • Systems using standard IV administration Baxter
  • Quickly find drugs in the library

Economic value

  • Uses standard IV administration sets Baxter to help reduce the preparation time and wastage
  • It Facilitates easy staff training