BD Carefusion Alaris PCU 8015

Recovered Carefusion Alaris Medley Module unit PCU focal point 8015 is the core of Alaris system, Which Provides a common user interface to program modules infusion and monitoring, helping to reduce the complexity at the point of care. Central This “brain” allows the connection of other modules, Including LVP (Infusion Set), SPO2, NIBP, ETCO2, and PCA Syringe.

The Alaris System is a modular system for adult care, pediatric and neonatal in the current environment of Increasing health professional. It Consists of the PC unit, the Guardrails Suite MX, and up to 4 modules infusion and / or monitoring (channels) removable. The Auto-ID module can be included as fifth module.

The Alaris system supported by esta DFU use a PC drive next-generation (model 8015) That Provides wireless connectivity Directly from the box and an improved display (including color) to Cleary critical communicate programming, infusion, monitoring and reporting policy defined by the hospital . Alaris Wireless Communication System Makes it Easier than ever to Increase the safety of intravenous medications and Continuously Improve clinical best, Regardless of the Existing wireless infrastructure best practices.

  • wireless connectivity
  • powerful analysis
  • exceptional versatility
  • Greater protection for intravenous safety


exceptional versatility

  • A common user interface simplifiés intravenous administration by Standardizing the pump, syringe and PCA on a platform
  • Monitoring can be added AlOrO2 and EtCO2 modules With Alaris, Allowing the clinician to Automatically pause PCA Infusions Patients if the target level fall below respiratory
  • The Auto-ID module offers a unique solution Alaris IV That Connects Directly barcode to the system Alaris

Greater protection for intravenous safety

  • The Guardrails Suite MX software is the most comprehensive security software available
  • The software is available wirelessly enabled on all devices
  • It provides adequate protection for each infusion by double checking the dose and duration and delivery rate, protecting critical as chemotherapy infusions

powerful analysis

  • The Guardrails software allows you to convert data into meaningful information, so you can quickly identify opportunities for clinical improvement and operational
  • With Guardrails CQI Reporter, you have the tools to detect subtle trends, measure the effectiveness of your forms IV and best practices and continually optimize patient care