Clinton laminated furniture style treatment table – 9074

Attractive medical cabinet style tables Provide ample storage space

The laminate treatment table style furniture Clinton (9074) features a contemporary design and offers plenty of convenient storage surfaces and laminates Which are easy to clean. This attractive cabinet style table is available in nine colors coordinated vinyl and laminates, Improving and almost any decor complementing.


  • adjustable backrest and four doors
  • Two storage compartments (each has an adjustable shelf)
  • With doors hinges are adjustable concealed European style and self-closing
  • In regular use, the table supports heavy weights as well as 425 lbs
  • non-adjustable backrest is available (option 088)



  • Model 9074-27: 72 “(l) x 31” (h) x 24 “(w)
  • Model 9074-27: 72 “(l) x 31” (h) x 27 “(w)
  • Model 9044-30: 72 “(l) x 31” (h) x 30 “(w)