Cynosure SmartLipo

With the Addition of a SmartLipo system you can offer your services laser body sculpting patients. It is laser assisted lipolysis Carried out using a cannula of a millimeter (or tube) is inserted into the That skin. A laser fiber inside the delivery cannula Directly energy to fat cells, Causing them to rupture and drain away as liquid. At the same time, the tissue around the area coagulates tissue RESULTING in tighter skin.


The Smartlipo system permanently destroys fat cells and Improves overall body shape. The treatments are minimally invasive.

Give your body much Patients laser treatments required sculpt and see a great return on investment.

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Type: Nd: YAG.

Wavelength: 1064/1320 nm

Power: 230 VAC / 16A

Applications: Body Sculpting, laser-assisted lipolysis