Draeger Apollo Anesthesia Machine

Apollo® optimizes the workflow of anesthesia and you reduce process costs With features like fully automatic self-test. Since no user interaction is required With the, users can perform other jobs. In Addition to providing invaluable assistance through best-in-class therapy, Apollo® Also offers an open platform architecture That Allows it to be integrated into the overall Easily workflow.

  • Ergonomics easy to use. All functional elements are Within walking distance of sitting or standing.
  • The unique design arm of the breathing bag Provides maximum flexibility.
  • The Simple commissioning Easier for the staff and Provides comprehensive information on the device status. Integrated breathing system Eliminates external hoses and clutter, reducing the risk of disconnection and disconnection.
  • The fully automatic self-test Takes About three minutes, Reflects the results for the user and Makes the results available at any time.
  • Advanced ventilation.
  • The piston ventilator high speed servo controlled E-Vent Operates with great accuracy to supply a maximum peak flow in excess of any bellows fan, RESULTING in the type of performance Previously viewed only in the ICU.
  • Consistent use of techniques of low flow anesthesia can reduce the cost of Significantly inhaled Anesthetics. Reduces the flow of fresh gas 3L / min to 1L / min can result in savings of up to 50% in the anesthetic agent.


Weight (No vaporizers, gas cylinders)

  • 365 lbs (165 kg)

Dimensions (L x P x)

  • 59 x 33.5 x 31.5 inches (150 x 85 x 80 cm)


  • 200 W, Usually.

Operating voltage

  • 100 to 127 VAC (- 15% + 10%) 45 – 65 Hz.

Backup integrated power

  • At least 30 min, typically 90 min; Depending on the ventilation parameters.

E-Vent ™ Plus ventilator

  • electrically operated and electronically controlled uncoupled fresh gas.

Ventilation modes

  • Manual, spontaneous, Volume Mode, Mode Optional pressure / Synchronization: Pressure Support (PS) mode Autoflujo volume.

Pressure limitation PMAX (volume mode)

  • (PEEP + 10) to 70 cmH2O.

PINSP pressure limiting (pressure mode)

  • (PEEP + 5) to 70 cmH2O.


  • From 0.3 to 15 l / min.

tidal volume VT (offset compensation) (volume mode)

  • 20-1400 mL 10-1400 mL with option pressure support.

Breathing frequency (frequency)

  • 3-100 bpm.

Inspiration time (Tinsp)

  • 0.2 to 6.7 sec.

Inspiratory / time expiration (I: E)

  • Max. 5: 1

Time plateau (TIP: Tinsp)

  • 0-60%

inspiratory flow (pressure mode)

  • Max. 150 l / min

PEEP mode volume

  • 0-20 cmH2O (maximum PMAX – 10 cmH2O)

PEEP pressure mode

  • 0-20 cmH2O (max Pinsp -. 5 cmH2O)

* Mode Autoflow

  • * Optional

Fresh gas flow

  • 0 – 10 L / min for each gas. (Oxygen, air, nitrous oxide).

TSLOPE (pressure and pressure support mode).

  • 0-2 s

Total system leakage

  • <150 ml to 30 cm H 2} {O (automatic leak test).

O2 flow control

  • ORC sensitive function: At least 21% vol. N2O as carrier gas.

O2 flush

  • > 35 l / min.