DRE Compass LED Surgical Microscope

A combination of classical aesthetics and modern technology
Surgical Microscope LED Compass Integrates high-performance features well-focused images as well as being easy to operate. Compass Provides excellent optical performance LED expandability With six steps and apochromatic lens That Improves the resolution, contrast and image depth. The LED light source light Provides a pure white long-lasting. The pantograph arm offset Allows easy maneuver and positioning required.


  • Expansion System 6 Steps
  • LED light source, Lux, life, Kelvin
  • 20W LED illuminator coaxial
  • Wide field ocular 10x (12.5x available)
  • 250mm objective lens (200-400 mm disponible)
  • Apochromatic objective lens
  • Integrated Video Camera
  • adjustable eyepieces
  • Maneuvering handles Giratoria
  • Design counter-balanced pantograph arm and adjustable Tension Control
  • Mounting Options: Fixed floor, wall, ceiling, table, sliding floor
  • green and orange filter integrated
  • Foot extension arm available
  • Auxiliary field upgradeable