DRE Om2100 Ophthalmic Microscope (Automatic Fiber Optic)

Automatic fiber optic surgical microscope is perfect parala Om2100 DRE cataratay surgery postoperative examinations. This microscope is ideal for losprocedimientosprecisosy is often used porlos ophthalmologists and surgeons in demanding environments.


  • Compact and easy to adjust
  • Motorized focus and zoom
  • It is made with new light source, fiber optic cable and power supply


  • Motorized focus and zoom, including sealing foot pedal
  • 65mm interchangeable objective lens
  • New fiber optic lighting, including fiber optic cable
  • Zeiss-compatible components
  • Inclined binoculars
  • Light source Mark II
  • Light cassette Mark II
  • Watching game
  • Divisorde ray

Optional gadgets

  • You may require objective lenses with different lengths foci
  • Binoculars inclined eye piece
  • accessories videos
  • Accessories observablesy XY
  • 80/20 beamsplitter
  • Light source Mark II
  • Light cassette Mark II
  • You can choose between two basic types: tri-base europeoo base style portable four wheels