ENT Chair Euroclinic Otopex

The Euroclinic Otopex is designed for use in otolaryngology Specifically clinics. With a solid construction and rich design features, Provides a comfortable chair esta patient Experience with motorized controls for simplified procedures memory.

The Otopex controlled by a joystick silently pedal control Which have memory to remember the working positions. The seat of the chair is adjustable in height and backrest movement is synchronized With the movement of the leg rest. The Otopex can be adjusted in the Trendelenburg position (seat + 5 °).


  • ENT / Otolaryngology
  • General medicine
  • Plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic
  • Dermatology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial
  • Dental
  • OB / GYN
  • chiropody
  • Orthodontics


  • Joystick pedal for synchronized movement of leg Rests, back and two customizable positions
  • Two silent linear motors for height adjustment Operate Independently and movement of the seat and backrest
  • articulated head
  • High density pad Covered with antimicrobial resistant anti tear
  • removable and rotating supportable for easy entry and exit
  • Fixed foot support chrome steel, by request



  • Source voltage: 230V-50 / 60Hz
  • Motor voltage: 24v
  • Push engine lifting: 4000 N
  • Engine thrust back: 4000 N
  • Lifting capacity: 180 kg
  • Power: 120 VA
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • 90 degree rotation left and right
  • Backrest adjustment: 90-190 degrees
  • epoxy painted