ENT chair – Supreme 400 Professional

Maximum functionality, ergonomics and innovation
The Supreme Euroclinic ENT-400 is a professional chair designed for maximum comfort for the operator and patient Both. It is Equipped with an ergonomic seat and backrest outlining the patient’s body. Through an advanced system of dual control, you can set and retrieve the movement of the chair using the controls on the chair and the foot control.


• ENT / Otolaryngology
• General medicine
• Plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic
• Dermatology
• Oral and Maxillofacial
• Dental
• OB / GYN
• chiropody
• Orthodontics


• Control Pedal independent movement (wireless foot control is optional).
• Four electric movements of memory: Two working positions Chosen by the operator, “zero” position for input / output by the patient and a new button “synchronized” reminiscent of the synchronized movement of the backrest and leg Rests.
• Solid construction – painted in epoxy, and refined With elegant covers molded in ABS high strength.
• The mattress is made of high density foam Which is covered in bi-elastic, tear-resistant, easy to clean upholstery antimicrobial.
• Four powerful engines High quality (up to 8000N) for positioning up / down, back, Trendelenburg and movements for the rest of the legs. It provides maximum stability and efficiency.
• A leg brace activated by motor and footrests and a reclining With protective metal plate.
• Available in 40 colors.
• Security function button, located on Both Sides of the seat, to retrieve the stored positions following:
1. “Zero” position for the patient to get on and off the chair.
2. Bedpost.
3. Trendelenburg positioning.
• Inclined at 20 degrees in Trendelenburg position When.
• 75 ° rotation of the left and right hand lock With.
• With Anatomically headrests articulated vertically and manual horizontal adjustment.
• Padded lumbar pad for maximum patient comfort When lying in bed position.


• Voltage power supply:
o 230 Vac ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
o 115 Vac ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
• Fuses (L, N): F1 = F2 = 8AT (16AT)
• Peak power: 1500VA
• Power cable: L = 3mt
• Motor Drive: 8000N
• Backup engine thrust: 6000N
• Trendelenburg engine thrust: 8000N
• single engine thrust leg-rest: 2400N
• Lifting capacity: 440 lbs. (200 kg)
• Weight: 286.6 pounds. (130 kg)
• Elevation range: 13.8 “(350 mm)
• Trendelenburg Inclination: 20 ° ± 2 °