GE Aespire View

Developed with the help of clinicians around the world, is a solution for operating rooms of hospitals and surgery centers independiente.Aespire View offers a large colored screen fan 12 inches and features the Advanced Breathing System (ABS) GE, Which is very suitable for low flow anesthesia. The optional full flow detection module Measures, displays and electronically gas exports flow Both individually as the overall fresh gas flow to help manage costs.


  • Precisely ASSESS and Respond Quickly to changes in patient status, thanks to:
  • The large screen 12 inch fan colored colored indicators and alarm message waveform
  • Familiar user interface.
  • Total fresh gas detection module or full flow (TFS) (optional)
  • With five ventilation packages, Including the innovative pressure control system
  • Ventilation-Volume Guaranteed (PCV-VG) technology, Aespire View lets you tailor ventilation for each patient.
  • Ventilation modes are available a la carte, so you can tailor the clinical capabilities of your anesthesia delivery system With the options you need.
  • Ventilation modes available in Aespire View include:
  • PCV-VG
  • Volume Control
  • pressure Control
  • PSVPro *
  • SIMV
  • Manual ventilation
  • The advanced advanced breathing (ABS) Provides low circuit volume (2.7 l), Which Provides fast response, low flow anesthesia.
  • Multiple ascending bellows breathing Provide visual information About the patient.