GE CARESCAPE Monitor Pro Clinical Information Center Patient

Clinical Information Center CARESCAPE ™ puts front and center Relevant to clinical details, so you can find the information you Quickly need. Gathers Real-time and historical data on multiple computer devices and systems into a single centralized information center, in Which you can trust to take care decisions more efficiently.

The CIC Pro ™ is the cornerstone of Clinical Information Logistics ™, Which Allows you to capture, view and manage information seamlessly available to critical patient data When and where you need it.


Configure CIC Pro to meet the specific needs of workflow and decision support different types of care providers: critical care nurses, medical technicians or nurses monitoring and telemetry. View real-time data, review historical information, print relevant data and sound alarms for patients connected to the monitoring network. Access web-based radiology images to view lab results or CIC Pro for a more complete picture of the patient applications. CIC Pro offers tools Web-based service to enable proactive monitoring and management of virtually every aspect of the system and other devices on the CARESCAPE network from the workstation biomedical engineer.

key features

  • Access all hospital applications, Web-based, such as radiology images and lab results CARESCAPE CIC Pro in order to obtain a more complete picture of the patient.
  • View real-time data, review historical information, print relevant data and sound audible alarms for patients connected to the CARESCAPE Network.
  • The CARESCAPE CIC Pro can be used as a monitoring solution and patient management, allowing you to more easily admit and release patients and manage patient alarms. Monitoring technicians can also monitor multiple patients in a centralized monitoring model, leveraging the power across multiple areas of focus.
  • Progress clinical progress per patient, showing a trend of an hour to two parameters Including trends in multiple patient earpiece fibrillation viewer.
  • Review up to nine patient waveforms and numerical parameter registered for up to 72 hours.
  • Graphical trends show 12 different parameters shown in up to 12 user-defined groups.
  • Flexible screen configurations offer quick access to routine applications with a single click, Which Helps speed the review of patient historical data and locate specific events.