GE Datex Ohmeda S / 5 Anesthesia Monitor

Monitor S / 5 Datex-Ohmeda Gives you the time and freedom to Effectively Control Their patient. It offers everything you need for effortless patient monitoring in the OR and beyond – a full range of monitoring parameters, intuitive use, workstation configurability, transparent device integration and data transfer.

  • Mainframe and screens are physically separate components
  • 4 options display monitor with integrated controls: Color video screen high resolution 15 “or 17” color LCD 10.4 “or 15” flat screen
  • Design and screen colors configurable by the user
  • Support for up to 8 waveforms on the screen
  • Support for the second and third screen user configurable With different waveforms and numeric information
  • Alarm system dedicated to anesthesia
  • Page viewing and setting alarms
  • Mini trends referenced graphic 10 minutes to Set alarm limits
  • Automatic alarm functions
  • 6 configurable user modes and especially cardiac bypass
  • numerical and graphical trends 24 hours
  • Split screen capability to display ST, Loop Spirometry, EEG, EP or permanently MiniTrends
  • 4 graphical and numerical trends user configurable



  • ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temp, 2-IBP, Rec, CO2 and 5 Agent. Color display


  • Height: 13.4 inches (340 mm)
  • Width: 13.2 inches (335 mm)
  • Depth: 8.1 inches (205 mm)
  • Weight (without modules): 24 kg (11 kg)


  • Voltage and frequency range 100 to 240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 140 VA
  • Protection class: Class I
  • Silting: hospital grade


  • Screen size: 12.1 diagonal
  • Display Type: Active Matrix TFT Color LCD
  • Screen resolution: SVGA resolution, 800 x 600
  • Number of tracks: up to 8
  • Design and screen colors: configurable by the user. Integrated Control board with direct function keys, menu keys and ComWheel ° for selections and menus Adjustments in


  • Type: Built NiMH (2 pcs)
  • Capacity: Up to 1.5 h typical full load at 23 ° C
  • Recharge: When connected to the mains
  • Charging time: 10 hours at full capacity
  • Alarm battery operation
  • Indicator: Battery bar displayed on the screen


  • Chart: All parameters, selectable times from 30 min to 72 h
  • Numeric: Continuously measuring parameters sampled every 5 minutes, NIBP and PCWP values updated after each measurement. In Addition, the active marker numerical trend update
  • Curve trend in graphical and numerical trends