Hausted ESC Eye Surgery Stretcher-Chair

The chair to stretch chair Hausted ESC eye surgery is a mobile platform for surgical EYE / ENT, plastic surgery, and other procedures in a chair configuration. The configuration of the chair Provides a comforting setting for the patient; The supine position Becomes Easily. Fine joints in the headpiece allow the required positioning of head and neck.


  • Adjustable headpiece articulation low profile height Control with dual controls operation
  • motorized controls for adjusting the height: 22.4 “to 32” back rest 0 ° – 80 °, leg section
  • Trendelenburg: 0 ° – 6 °
  • Release lever to replace the emergency backup electrical backup
  • The backup battery 24 VDC power Allows not plugged into functions When an outlet
  • Patient surface 22 “x 75”
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.


Physical specifications

  • Load capacity: 500 lbs
  • Reach Height: 32.5 in Alto
  • Height Range: Low 22.4 in
  • Overall width: 29.4
  • Total width of the surface of the patient 22 in
  • Length out: 75 in
  • Total length of the surface of the patient 75 in
  • Battery backup Degree of Movement: 0-80 °
  • Standard Trendelenburg: 6 °
  • Side rail height: 10.75 in
  • Length of side rail: 26.74 in



  • Increasing efficient to handle loads.
  • Small footprint for easy maneuvering.
  • New low height for easy accessibility of the patient.
  • New weight capacity up to 500 pounds. (Evenly.)
  • New designs of side rails for durability.



  • required articulation of the head part with control buttons.
  • Easily lift and lower your chin and forehead of the patient.
  • Operated controls.

Patient safety

  • Complete with safety strap.
  • Robust platform to Accommodate delicate procedures.
  • Excellent access to the site by Both the physician and the nurse.