HeartStart MRx for Hospital

± ado services designed for emergency physicians and lifeguards m ©
The defibrillator / monitor HeartStart MRx combine the technology leader in the industry Phillips monitoring with M © all higher medici³n and our patented wave bif¡sica œSMART resucitaci³n € “a single device, lightweight and Carefully design ± ado.

The defibrillator / monitor HeartStart Provides many advantages of great Importance to emergency physicians m © services. The device has the largest autonomous operating a battery, the colored display ± or larger in size, and the shortest charging time all monitors / defibrillators.


The HeartStart MRx has a variety of ways to take different types of measurements With therapies and dem¡s Characteristics. All this, combined With its compact size ± or, a balanced and low weight (5.98 kg) make the HeartStart MRx is f¡cil to carry, store and, above all, f¡cil to use.


  • The first device medici³n CPR and control integrated into a defibrillator / monitor SVA
  • Controls and Carefully organized ports to separate the functions of Cleary monitoring the therapeutic
  • Monitoring starts When the patient is connected to the device via cable
  • The informaci³n monitoring and therapy est¡ l³gicamente clear and ordered on screen
  • Measurements num © rich oversized ± or, gr¡ficos wave, and alarms, allow the user to Quickly locate the informaci³n
  • The appearance of measurements and wave gr¡ficos screen can be customized and can organize the user’s taste As defined in EU
  • Menºes simplify the navigation instructions on the screen to change the settings, to set and Respond to alarms, and access to additional functions

Monitoring Capability

  • Medici³n and control technology of Q-CPR “¢ (optional)
  • Trav © s monitoring of the contact pads
  • ECG monitoring of 3- and -5 channels via electrodes
  • Arrhythmia detector ST / AR Basic “¢
  • FAST-SpO2 (Technology of supresi³n artifacts Fourier) (optional)
  • Medici³n of presi³n non-invasive sangunea (PNI) (optional)
  • Microstream® Capnografa (deco2) (optional)
  • 12-channel ECG (optional)


  • Onda bif¡sica € œSMART “
  • With Manual mode administraci³n shock to trav © s of paddles or pads desfibrilaci³n
  • DESA mode
  • synchronized cardioversion
  • Pacemaker non-invasive (optional)


  • Tama ± ECG or adjustable gain and regulaci³n autom¡tica
  • Screen 8.4 inch (diagonal), and four colors. The largest of Its Kind m¡s
  • Data Trasmisi³n 12-channel, optional
  • Recolecci³n data and summary of events
  • Gridded printer paper strips
  • Operating Auto-diagn³sticos
  • operational checks
  • individually adjustable volume of QRS BPER, voice alarms and alerts
  • Battery-Ion (2 bays) with Load meter
  • AC transformer
  • Indicator € œListo-to-Use “
  • Configuraci³n mode
  • Diagn³stico mode
  • Case for transport you (optional)
  • Hook bed
  • Optional for AC and DC transformers
  • Optional support for mounting in ambulances

The first device medici³n CPR and control integrated into a monitor / defibrillator SVA 
To help healthcare services quality CPR, we added a device Have medici³n and integrated monitoring our defibrillator / monitor Philips HeartStart MRx. This ºnica tool in their class technologies developed by Q-CPR Laerdal “¢, Provides objective Measures and corrective Control over the depth and rate of chest compressions, as well as the volume and pace of ventilaci³n. Q-CPR reinforces CPR Training with each use