Hospira Lifecare PCA

Specifically designed to help Prevent medication errors commonly That Arise in patient-controlled analgesia, the LifeCare PCA pump has integrated a barcode reader and other features to Enhance the safe delivery. Hospira MedNet software combined With, This system LifeCare PCA offers an unparalleled next generation combination of features for patient-controlled analgesia therapy.

  • Hospira MedNet drug library customizable Software
  • Integrated bar code reader for Identifying medication vials preloaded and custom bar code generated by pharmacy
  • Ruleset multiple medications for 18 areas of clinical care
  • Preloaded medicine Bottles with barcode
  • Stored protocols for fast and accurate programming of standing orders
  • easy to use design based on human factors research


Promote safe delivery

  • Reader integrated barcode confirms the drug and concentration
  • Preloaded With barcode labels medicine bottles or vials With custom colored barcodes generated by pharmacy
  • Confirmation screens to add an additional level of security

Improve the efficiency of workflow

  • Robust wireless capabilities allow remote updates of the drug library
  • Easier to read keyboard
  • Dedicated device and unique design: the LifeCare PCA is intentionally designed to stand out from the overall infusion devices to help reduce the risk of user confusion and confusion of lines

Safe delivery

  • The key locking system Provides security at various levels
  • Pole to pole fasteners securing IV
  • Lock medication
  • Programming lock

Hospira MedNet ™ Easy upgrade to include Security Software

  • With the mandatory drug library Hospira MedNet software Addition of security
  • Customized drug libraries for up to 18 areas of clinical care
  • Up to 25 drugs clinical care area
  • hard and soft limits for each drug