Medfusion 4000 Infusion Pump

The Medfusion® 4000 Wireless Syringe Pump Represents the next-generation advancement of the popular Medfusion® 3500 infusion pump, Which is Widely Recognized for medication delivery ITS accurate to Patients in intensive care units, neonatal and pediatric intensive Including care. The new customizable system, designed to help Prevent medication errors, health care providers Allows to send and receive medication delivery information more efficiently.


The syringe infusion system Promotes best practices in clinical care, as recommended by major hospitals, accreditation bodies and regulatory agencies. The system is used Throughout the 2011-2012 US News & World Report Honor Roll Children’s Hospital in January.

It provides accurate infusion volumes to a accuracy of +/- 2%, with 0.01 Rates as low as delivery mL / hr and up to 1130mL / hr. The infusion pump is able to infuse even at low flow rates with large syringes.

Wireless syringe pump Medfusion® 4000 With the infusion management software can support quality of care Initiatives PharmGuard® of Patients With customizable reports operable installation.
PharmGuard® Server Software Promotes Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) of infusion therapy by capturing and managing data for specific reports Medfusion® pump.

CQI reports designed for the Entire management team INFUSION: pharmacy, nursing, biomedical engineering, medication safety officers, quality managers and medical Administrators, to help Improve Improve clinical practice and patient outcomes. Compliance and safety measure to make decisions based infusion on practical evidence.