Monitor Datex-Ohmeda S / 5

Monitor Datex-Ohmeda S / 5 is a multiparameter monitor equipped with a large screen color, 53 cm and four choices with integrated monitor controls.


Monitor Datex-Ohmeda S / 5 is a multiparameter monitor equipped with a large colored screen 53 cm and four choices With integrados.El controls monitor S / 5 has an arrangement of configurable by the user display and supports up to 8 waveforms have pantalla.Tambien support for a second and third screen user configurable with different waveforms and information numerica.El Monitor Datex-Ohmeda S / 5 is suitable for any environment, treats including hospitals, surgical centers, small operating rooms and recovery.

Control bar (ComBar) S / 5

  • Comandosespecficos anesthesia bar for intuitive access to monitoring functions
  • Control bar Desmontablepone monitoring user’s hand controls m¡sa

Extension box S / 5

  • Table 4 slot additional module
  • M¡s wires near the patient Placed patient
  • A single Extension Cable Connects the box to the Central Unit Anesthesia Monitor S / 5
  • Minimizes the tangle of wires patient
  • Vertically or horizontally to fixing bars

Remote S / 5

  • Remote control for intuitive operation of the monitor
  • ComWheel and 12 keys, function keys for directional Most Common Functions



  • Tama ± or screen: 30.7 cm diagonal
  • Display Type: TFT active matrix LCD color.
  • Resoluci³n screen: Resoluci³n SVGA, 800 x 600.
  • Number of trails (traces): up to 8.
  • Disposici³n and screen colors: Configurable by the user. Integrated Command With direct function keys, menu keys and ComWheel for selections and Adjustments in less board.


  • Modulos capacity: 2 + 2 module slots.
  • I / O connections: Computer RS-232 serial output. Analegicas two outputs. External keyboard connector.
  • Network Option: Compatible with Datex-Ohmeda Network communication monitor-to-monitor and centralized display.
  • Network option and MemCard: Enables MemCard to transfer data hist³ricos vital signs of patients.
  • Impresi³n: Capacity Printer compatibility al¡ser With serial printer language PCL5 (Red and serial / parallel converter).
  • Opci³n Register: Register integrated disposici³n t © rmica of trescanales.
  • Mounting options: On the bed, against the wall and stand on wheels.


  • Size: 33.5 x 20.5 cm wide x 34.03 cm deep cm high
  • Weight (without modules): 11 kg

Source of Energy

  • Range and ± design frequencies or voltage: 100 to 240V ± 10%, 50/60 hertz.
  • m¡ximo power consumption: 140 VA.
  • Protection class: Class I.
  • Terrified: hospital grade.


  • Type: Batera integrated NiMH (2 units).
  • Capacity: Up to 1.5 htipico fully loaded, at 23 ° C.
  • Recharge: while connected to the grid.
  • Charging time: 10 hours for full charge.
  • Alarm operation of the battery.
  • Indicator: Batera bar displayed on the screen.


  • Graph: All parameters, selectable times from 30 minutes to 72 h.
  • Numerical: The parameters are Continuously Measured and sampled every 5 minutes; NIBP values and PCWPson updated after each measurement. Also Marker Numeric Update drives the stories.
  • Cursor Histories: In gr¡ficas Both stories as numeric.


  • The alarm system is classified into three categories As defined in EU priority in critical care and color-coded audible tones. P¡gina of visualizaci³n and central alarm settings. Reference to mini-history graphs 10 minutes to Set the alarm limits