Multiparameter Monitor Datex AS / 3

The multiparameter Monitor Datex AS / 3 is a lightweight and monitor all functions With three ECG, temperature, capacity of Sp02, and NIBP lead.


The patient monitor multiple parameters Datex AS / 3 is a lightweight, full featured monitor with three ECG capabilities, Temp, Sp02 and NIBP. This unit Datex monitor has 2 compartments hot-swappable batteries, each battery lasts an average of one hour and supports PC cards 5MB for configuring the software, information transfer and recording backup of net.

  • ECG, Sp02, Temp., NIBP. And the patient monitor BP
  • 2 hours of battery life with interchangeable battery compartments
  • 12.4 × 16.1 × 5.3 inches, small and compact
  • CRT display color video 14 “
  • Optional monitoring of 5 agents
  • optional recorder
  • Anesthesia alarm system classified into three categories