Procedure chair OB GYN OB50 DRE Milano

ENT chair Lynea EVO is a sturdy chair with an innovative design for ENT procedures. It has four motors to check the movements of the backrest, seat and leg rest, Including the movement of the back-seat synchronized. With 360 degree rotation lock position. The Lynea EVO is operated by a foot-controlled multi-function With fixed or free memory (pedal optional wireless) and through an advanced system “dual control” touchscreen.


• 4 powerful engines (up to 6000N) operating electrically and separately the up / down, the backrest, seat (to the Trendelenburg position) and the leg rest.
• Four electric movements of memory: Two working positions chosen by the operator, “zero” position for input / output by the patient and a new button “synchronized” reminiscent of the synchronized movement of the backrest and leg rests.
• Upholstered chair parts are removable and are composed of a high density foam and coated with a non-deformable bi-elastic antimicrobial, tear resistant, easy to clean.
• Solid construction – painted in epoxy, and refined with elegant covers molded in ABS high strength.
• Available in 60 colors.
• Maximum height (raised bed): 70 inches (178 cm)
• minimum height (lower bed): 58 inches (147 cm)
• Footprint: 45 inches × 26 inches (114 cm × 66 cm)
• Weight: 304 lbs. (138 kg)
• Floor mattress 32 to 44 inches (81 cm to 111 cm)
• single engine thrust leg rest: 2500N
• Lifting capacity: 440.9 lbs (200 kg)
• Weight: 264.6 pounds. (120 kg)
• Base length: 2.6 ft (800 mm)
• Maximum height in the leg rest 4 feet, 3 inches. (1300 mm)