Purevac Turbo (115V-60Hz)

Surgimedics provides smoke evacuation systems for safer health care. Smoke evacuators are used to remove and filter the smoke and the smell of smoke created dangerous for most Electrosurgery and laser procedures.


Package includes:

  • One (1) -Purevac # 906150
  • One (1) Transparent -ULPA # 901301-000
  • Tube nonsterile five (5) – 7/8 “x 10 ‘with sponge # 905057-000 protector

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design and light table
  • It fits most electrosurgical carts for portability
  • Ideal for small amounts of surgical smoke
  • Especially recommended surgical smoke may contain infectious particles
  • Filter cartridge 5 stages cheaper for frequent changes