Refurbished Zeiss OPMI Surgical Microscope Pentero

Zeiss OPMI Pentero the surgical microscope is a latest generation high end functions Provides surgeons accessible through an intuitive user interface. Ergonomically designed, easy to use touch screen and positioning capabilities required, the Zeiss OPMI Pentero is the perfect complement to modern modern operating room.


  • Apochromatic optics edge Provides crisp images With Natural colors and sharp details.
  • The unique optical design provides a wide working range and virtually ensures comfortable working conditions even when long instruments are used.
  • The DeepView function doubles the depth of field perception.
  • Da surgeons 20 percent more light compared to previous systems.
  • Automatic Iris Control ™ adjusts the light cone the desired field of view and minimizes unnecessary exposure to light fabrics.
  • The patented lighting two channels provides high contrast images in narrow and deep channels.
  • Feature high-speed autofocus delivers sharp images regardless of enlargement.
  • Help intuitive laser-focus help in selecting the exact focal point during manual focus.
  • The compact design allows surgeons to use the microscope while sitting or standing.
  • The flexible design of the ceiling suspension system allows greater positioning possibilities.
  • The suspension system Contraves® permits smooth handling and repositioning effortlessly while the handle or the mouth switch is used.
  • The AutoBalance ™ patented system provides balance with one touch of a button.
  • The microscope moves in an X / Y direction with precise and accurate without releasing the brakes system settings.
  • The rotary and easy to use touch screen guides the user through all functions and system configurations.
  • Digital patient files for instant access to relevant information.
  • The user configuration surgeon can Quickly recover for easy configuration.
  • The touch screen serves as a screen Also integrated digital camera for MediLive® to full screen for