Reliance 444 Series Washer

The washer / disinfector Reliance single chamber 444, a washer / disinfector mechanical, is equipped with a control system Eagle® 3000 Stage 3 ™. The washer / disinfector is designed With seven cycles Instruments Factory, Soft, utensils, glassware, plastic items, Anesthesia / Respiratory Products, and Decontamination. There are three additional cycles available for custom programming to meet specific operating requirements. Each cycle phases is preprogrammed Equipped with prewash, wash, rinse and rinse Thermal (including the phases of wear Drainage Cooled). The washer / disinfector is constructed for seismic design and includes a ventilation system and light inside the chamber.


Reliance 444 Washer Specifications


  • The (s) door (s) Electrical (s) slide (s) Vertical (s) is constructed of hardened and tempered glass with stainless steel lining to allow the operator
  • See the Camera with the door closed. While a cycle is in progress, the glass door stays cool to the touch.
  • The (s) door (s) slide (s) are configured for operation of the electric gate.
  • The door opens and closes Automatically using touch pads on the control panel, located on the same side of the washer / disinfector That the door is running.
  • Each electric door includes a safety sensor to retract the door if an obstruction is detected in the door. OCCURS If a power failure, the doors can be opened manually.
  • Manual access handle is at the upper edge of the door and hidden behind the upper service panel. If electric double doors are arranged, a function of door interlock is provided to Prevent cross contamination.
  • The stainless steel pump is powered by a double-speed motor.
  • The high speed of the pump Provides the equivalent capacity of 7.5 HP motor of (5.6 kW), 240 US gal / min at a pressure head of 70 feet (910 L / min to 21.3 m). The low speed of the pump Provides the equivalent capacity of a 2 HP motor (1.4kW) 90 US gal / min to 341 L / min to 7.62 m of head pressure. The pump impeller is mounted on the engine shaft Directly and requires no additional bearings.