Sciton Profile – MP with BBL


Manufacturer: Sciton


This is a 2007 Sciton profile that was 150k new. the system has under 150k pulses among the 4 heads AND the BBL. Such a nice, clean and perfect system. Arm was just replaced also. BRAND NEW. This laser has every option possible.

ST-Head for Skin tightening
Dual ND-Yags/1064
Large Spot with Scanners
Small Spot with scanners
Round Sciton “skin chiller” hand piece for leg veins
Thermascan-1319 Wrinkle removal
Erbium resurfacing
Micro-Laser Peel
Erbium Surgical Head
Sciton external chiller just replaced new
Travel cases for accessories
All filters, and accessories are LIKE NEW

We ship international.

Price: $44,500.00


General Condition Excellent
Power 110v
Last Serviced 2006
Manuals Yes
Warranty Yes
Ownership Leased