Steris Amsco 400 Series (Medium)

Cross sections of the chamber 26 x 37.5 “are dimensioned for efficient processing and high volume sterilization.

Manual locking mechanism of quick opening doors and fast operation (hinged door models) lock or unlock the door with a single movement of the handle 30 °.

The drive systems of electric door consist of a wire and pulley assembly by an electric driven motor. The electric door is arranged horizontally and controlled from the touch screen. The door slides horizontally on a rigid rail assembly stainless steel Housed Within panels.

The control system for the steam sterilizer Means AMSCO 400 Series has improved display functionality and user friendly interface.

  • Touch screen display 30 lines x 40 characters.
  • Impact printer ink on paper.
  • Help screens for programming and troubleshooting alarm conditions.
  • Automatic checking of the control program and data Maintains the integrity cycle of the process.
  • Software calibration is done in service mode using external sources or internal temperature and pressure. The control system Provides a printed record of all calibration data for verification.
  • a steam purge function is provided to assist in removing air and for preheating the burden.
  • The light DIN connectors are installed on all valves of steam, water and the reliability and maintainability for exhaust.