Steris Reliance Vision

The washer / disinfector one chamber Reliance Vision is for cleaning and disinfecting intermediate reusable dirty utensils, trays, glassware, urinals and urinals, rubber and plastic, surgical rigid instruments rigid hard surface Clamps), theater shoes and like articles and found in health centers.


Sterile Processing Departments face the challenge of Achieving higher levels of productivity than ever. As a result, customers need a powerful washing and disinfection system can process large volumes That of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments Quickly, Efficiently and safely. Customers also need a system is simple to operate That and maintain.

Presentation of the washer and disinfector Vision Steris, STERIS total integrated solution washing. With the latest innovations camera market, Reliance Vision combine the latest technology With innovative design to Provide maximum performance and unprecedented performance.

  • Productivity and Connectivity
  • Faster and optimized cycles
  • Touch screen controls can interact with PC monitoring instruments and programming O
  • Arms and spray nozzles spraying longer to Improve coverage out
  • Great ability to process large volumes of medical devices, delicate instruments and utensils
  • Improved drying system
  • Integrated flow meters Provide verification of chemical injection rates, even levels Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate

Quality Vision Steris washer

  • Easy to clean spray arms; Simple assembly
  • Centrifugal system self-cleaning filter Prevents clogging the spray arms and Helps minimize maintenance
  • Allows monitoring PC remote control enabling proactive / predictive repair to Improve system uptime
  • The racks are able to clean the light

Steris Reliance Vision Security

  • The ergonomic design Improves operator safety
  • Disinfection phase Helps reduce the immediate risk level of infection for Patients and staff
  • Contact cool handles on the shelves for safe handling of the racks eleven They leave the washer
  • The ecological system use less water, detergent and utilities