Storz Image 1 HD Hub

The IMAGE 1 HUB HD is the backbone of the system KARL STORZ FULL HD images. With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and progressive scan, the camera control unit (CCU) Guarantees an image without delay and natural color reproduction. The unique combination of ease of use and excellent image quality time Ensures maximum efficiency and patient safety, marking a new milestone in the evolution of the endoscopic image.
IMAGE 1 Provides documentation and printing functions as integrated modules. USB ports front and rear of the CCU allow simultaneous connection of multiple USB printers and mass storage devices.
All Camera heads FILE 1 Regardless of Whether They are FULL HD, standard definition video endoscopy or designed for, you can be used with a single picture 1 HUB ™ CCU.KARL STORZ philosophy of long-term AIMS