Surgifresh Turbo Smoke Evacuation System (230V – 50Hz)

Smoke evacuation With high performance low cost method offers Surgimedics Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator. It is an independent unit evacuates That dangerous laser or surgical smoke using vacuum hose or pipe Directly into the medical procedure site. The smoke evacuator Surgifresh Turbo is powerful, quiet and easy to use. And With the included wheel kit and handle, it Easily Moves from room to room.


The smoke evacuator Surgifresh Turbo offers a unique filtering system. Use a ULPA (ultra low penetration air) filter as the primary method of capturing fine particles with a large section tuft of activated carbon filtration to remove odor. But Instead of the primary filter Having an integrated prefilter That Can Quickly Become contaminated, you use a replaceable prefilter. The advantage of this design is the replacement of more That expensive ULPA filter is not based on the life of the prefilter, but in real life ULPA filtration. The separate prefilter prolongs the life of inexpensive the primary filter, reducing the cost per procedure.

The use of a mechanical system with smoke evacuation system is highly efficient filtration Widely recommended as the best way to Provide optimum protection against surgical smoke. The smoke evacuator Surgifresh Turbo is easy to use affordable solution for effective smoke removal.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, powerful and silent controls
  • Cost Effective filtration
  • replaceable prefilter
  • It includes pedal for hands-free
  • Recommended for all laser and electrosurgical procedures


Noise levels

  • @ Low Power = 56 dBA
  • @ Maximum power = 63 dBA

maximum flow

  • 65 CFM hose 6 “long 11/3”
  • 30 CFM hose 6 ‘long 7/8 “
  • 6.5 CFM hose With 8 ‘long 3/8 “
  • 5 CFM hose 6 ‘long 7/8 “and pipe 2’ long ¼”


  • With the wheel kit – 10.5 “X 9.125” X 25.25 “
  • Without the wheel kit – 10.5 “X 9.125” X 22.5 “


  • Breakers 230 volt 50 Hz 5 amps


  • With the wheel kit and handle – 26 lbs
  • Without the wheel kit and handle – 22.5 pounds