Surgimedics PureVac Turbo Smoke Evacuation System

The smoke evacuator Purevac Turbo was designed especially for medical procedures Where infectious materials, Such as human papilloma virus (HPV), may be present in the surgical smoke. The results of Numerous studies Have Shown That When the tissue is infectious Treated with a laser or an electrosurgical device, the infectious materials is present in the surgical pen and THEREFORE present in the smoke evacuation tube and the ULPA filter. These studies While Were unable to Demonstrate That the papilloma virus was infectious, yes Highlighted the potential health risk associated With inhalation of infectious materials in surgical smoke.


Most systems Provide smoke evacuation filter requires replacement every six to eight hours. Depending on the actual use of the smoke evacuator, This Means That infectious particles and odor filter May Remain in the smoke evacuator for days or even weeks Several Until the filter needs to be changed. The smoke evacuator Purevac Surgimedics Turbo Allows more frequent and inexpensive replacement of the contaminated filter, reducing the Possibility of transmission of infection from contaminated Fiter in the health care environment.

The smoke evacuator Purevac Also Turbo is perfect for medical offices or clinics need little Where there is smoke evacuation system for a. With proper change the ULPA filter in the smoke evacuator as a critical element, the filtration system Purevac Allows frequent change of the contaminated filter at low cost, odor-free environment Ensuring.

Features and Benefits
Compact design and light table
It fits most electrosurgical carts for portability
Ideal for small Amounts of surgical smoke
Especially recommended surgical smoke May Contain infectious particles
Filter cartridge 5 stages cheaper for frequent changes
Noise levels

@ Low Power = 54 dBA
@ Maximum power = 62 dBA
maximum flow

30 CFM hose 6 ‘long 7/8 ”
3 CFM with a hose 6 ‘length of 7/8 “and a pipe 24” x ΒΌ “connected

14 “W x 8.75” W. X 15.5 “D

60 Hz 115 Volts

Filter – 16.9 lbs
Unfiltered – 15.75 pounds