Tuttnauer 2340M

Tuttner steam autoclave, the autoclave Tuttnauer 2340M has a chamber 9 ‘. This Autoclave is designed to complement any health care facility. The new and easy-to-use panel was designed Tuttnauer 2340 With the operator and Fulfill all your sterilization needs without compromising quality, safety or reliability.

  • automatic shutdown at the end of the sterilization and drying cycles.
  • A camera and a door electro polished long life.
  • The double safety locking device Prevents the door from opening while chamber is pressurized.
  • Cutting overheating of heating elements Prevents depletion in the event there is Insufficient That water in the chamber.
  • The drain valve is located at the front, Allowing quick and easy draining of the water tank.
  • Double safety thermostat to protect against overheating.
  • international certifications.


Tuttnauer 2340M Specifications

Technical specifications

  • Camera dimensions: 9 “x 18.5”
  • Volume: 5 GALLON
  • Overall Dimensions: D x W x H: 5.21 “x 20” x 14.4 “
  • Standard Cassettes: 2 full / 2 half
  • The tray dimensions: D x L x H: 6.7 “x 16.3” x 0.8 “
  • Number of trays: 3
  • Unwrapped cycle time standard: Cold: 30 minutes, hot: 20 minutes
  • Voltage (V): 120V
  • Freq. (Hz): 50/60
  • Power (W): 1400W
  • Current (A): 12A