ALM PrismAlix PRX 6401, Surgical Light

ALM PrismAlix 6401Surgical Light
Industry-leading Color Rendering Index and shadow Reduction

The ceiling mount ALM 6401 PrismAlix surgical lamp Provides an equal reduction of the surgical field Within shadows for safer clinical results. The light intensity can be adjusted to 3500 ° K of a wall convenient mounting, and leading 95 Color Rendering Index (CRI) industry, all colors are Appropriately Represented. Each column 31 light produces a “homogeneous light.


  • ALM PrismAlix 6401 SAL / DF / T ceiling mount Surgical Light
  • Dual 700 / 510mm With AVL
  • The PRISMALIX 95 Operates light industry-leading CRI (color rendering index), Which Means That All colors are well Represented.
  • The light PRISMALIX optimized color temperature 3500K
  • Excellent Control of heat emission With thermal bridges, optical filters and internal ventilation
  • technology advanced micro-prism refracting Provides Unparalleled shadow reduction in the surgical field
  • compact design
  • 360 degree rotating light head