NX® the STERRAD® system, terminally sterilized instruments are available to help you keep your OR time and Provide the highest sterility assurance level for Their patients. Fast standard combined cycle time 28 minutes With the process of soft dry sterilization make the STERRAD® NX® compact is the perfect solution for sterilization of medical devices in all Departments Where rapid change of instruments is crucial election. STERRAD® NX® Increases the level of care terminals providing sterile instruments and packaged by hand When needed.

  • It includes innovative software That Allows Increased security, networking and diagnostic capabilities
  • Collection box safe
  • Sterilization Cassette Easy Load
  • Interactive touch screen interface
  • Sterilization chamber
  • thermal printer
  • Removable storage drawer and station


ASP STERRAD NX Specifications


  • Height: 83.4 cm (157.7 cm With carriage)
  • Width: 55.9 cm (60.9 cm With carriage)
  • Depth: 80.6 cm (88.8 cm With carriage)
  • Camera Shape: Rectangular
  • Shelf two levels: (Anversoax) 31.2 cm x 59.9 cm



  • ASP recommended to mount your system in the specially designed you can be ordered With the STERRAD® NXTM system or on a countertop That meets the specifications car.

Electrical requirements


  • Dedicated single phase circuit hot and neutral wires dedicated. Cable 220-240 VAC sufficient to Maintain With 10 amps and 20 amps continuous current momentary gauge.

Operational environment


  • 64 ° F to 95 ° F / 18 ° C to 35 ° C


  • 10% to 85% to 86 ° F environment and decreasing linearly from 85% to 86 ° F to 70% at 95 ° F.