CareFusion Alaris Pump Module BD 8300 EtCO2

20178300 Pump Alaris Pump Carefusion 8300 Refurbished EtCO2. Alaris Carefusion 8300 EtCO2 module use the microscope patented infrared microdispersion nondispersive (NDIR) to Continuously measure the amount of CO2 During each breath, the amount of CO2 present at the end of exhalation (EtCO2) and During inhalation (FiCO2), and respiratory rate. The EtCO2 module is a sidestream capnograph. Disposable devices Provide a sample of the inhaled and Exhaled gases of disposable fan or Directly from the patient to monitor for measuring the humidity of CO2 and patient secretions are Extracted from the sample by the line filter Keeping the shape of the CO2 waveform.

  • Reduce the Risks of opioid infusions.
  • Customizable profiles in all areas Increase flexibility of patient care.
  • It uses sampling lines That reduces the need for moving parts, external sensors or calibration routine.
  • It provides products for Patients EtCO2 sampling spectrum to meet overseas needs sampling With or Without oxygen available supply.