Clinton Ecological treatment wooden table – 81010

Clinton-Eco is a “green” line of ecological treatment tables

Eco-Friendly Wood Treatment Table Clinton (81010) is made with materials That do not Contain urea-formaldehyde added, Which Exceeds the stringent 2009 California CARB mandates I. This, and other ecological Characteristics, it Helps Improve air quality inside.


  • adjustable backrest, all wooden legs and H-Bracing
  • top and rounded corners are seamless
  • In regular use, the load capacity is 400 pounds
  • non-adjustable backrest is available (option 088) – tables With This option must send via public transport

ecological features

  • Clinton Exceeds CARB 2009 standard I using 2011 CARB II plywood and laminated panels supported without added urea-formaldehyde
  • They top covers are water-based or UV-cured
  • Upholstery PVC free
  • tape edge of the shelf is free of PVC


Clinton Industries Takes environmental responsibility seriously. “Green” practices Clinton in the procurement of raw materials and manufacturing are among the best in the industry. They include:

  • Buying hardwood and plywood only North American forests managed sources
  • Never use wood imported from suspicious sources to Protect Themselves from providing a market for exploitative practices of clear trees and depletion of the world’s forests
  • The use of only water based topcoats container containing low VOC (volatile organic compounds) in factories Clinton
  • Applying MOST of our laminated with hot melt system container containing no volatile organic compounds
    The implementation of an internal system of prior art metal finishing powder coating produces no VOC Emissions (2009)
  • Using only, cleaning solutions steel waterbased
  • Recycle 100% of our metal waste
    Using only California CARB plywood and laminated panels as lower levels of I urea formaldehyde for cabinets and table bases (2009)


Model 81010-24: 72 “(l) x 31” (h) x 24 “(w)
Model 81010-27: 72 “(l) x 31” (h) x 27 “(w)
Model 81010-30: 72 “(l) x 31” (h) x 30 “(w)