Critikon DINAMAP Pro 1000

The simplest solution required for control.
The DINAMAP Pro 1000 offers accurate and reliable readings of vital signs. It is a complete System with three-lead ECG and breathing. Flexible It is for use by hospitals and is portable to transport wherever you need it. The DINAMAP Pro 1000, easy to use, has an intuitive menu structure. Its configurable features : such as SpO2 Spot, Improve productivity and minimize training time.


  • Unprecedented cardiac monitoring Provides accurate data, Which Helps You Quickly take the decision to better care
  • Marquette® EK-Pro ECG legendary ™ and respirations offer comfort lethal Arrhythmias That Will Be Brought to your attention
  • DINAMAP ASAP for accurate and reliable noninvasive monitoring PA
  • With configurations available one of the following solutions SpO2: Masimo® SET® (Gold Standard) or Nellcor OxiMax ™
  • Available configurations With IVAC® TurboTemp ™ for temperature in seconds