DRE Trax Vital Signs Monitor

The DRE Trax is a versatile and intuitive vital signs monitor can be configured to That measure any combination of non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, rapid temperature and capnography (EtCO2 Monitoring). The Trax simplifiés the use of health by Incorporating a touch screen with a single user interface.

The Trax is perfect for measuring the header in the post-anesthetic low acuity, sleep studies and transport of patient care and is applicable in many other areas of care. The Traxmachine can be configured as a pulse oximeter or pulse oximeter combined basic continuous blood pressure. EtCO2 Also can be added as a third parameter. The Trax can only be used as a standalone EtCO2 With capnograph for specialized clinical applications.


Weighing less than 3 pounds, the portable Trax is well suited for any patient care area. Wall mounting brackets and mobile solutions are available. A lithium-ion long-term is standard.

Unpatented samples Trax Lines allow CO2 monitor end is lowest cost per patient industry. Capnography system is a system of measuring CO2-art and low flow. Method to use lateral flow of 50 ml per minute to Provide The most accurate readings EtCO2. It can be used Both intubated and non-intubated. The connection system shown line filter cells use to Eliminate potential cross contamination.

  • optional ETCO2 monitoring
  • All patient data can be transmitted through many networking options Trax
  • Trends 72 hours
  • Simplified entry of patient information.