DRE Vision LED Surgery Light T3

The LED lighting technology Provides high performance area procedure. The intricate design of the Vision T3 and robust materials Also allow a wide range of movement and easy positioning of the accessory.

Even illumination of the area

The only optical T3 Vision Ensures optimum luminous field. The illuminated area meets the highest technical lighting requirements for treatment lights. Lighting reflection, shadow, reflection Creates an ideal place specific field of vision for close work.

Color rendering


T3 Provides optimum vision in color, rendering With Ra> 95 and R9> 90 This clear recognition of any Allows Involved in tissue problems.

Lighting control / Light Intensity

Easy operation: One control turns on / off the light and dark with five levels of light, providing fast and convenient professional control required when many different procedures are performed during the course of the day.


The light beam is focused and therefore, sliding, regardless of viewing angle. This avoids all annoying reflections on the surface.


  • continuously tunable from 100% – 10%
  • 55,000 lux / 39.5in (1m)
  • 6.5in illuminated area (160mm)
  • CRI> 95
  • glare
  • Shadow and glare
  • maintenance green technology

LED technology Allows long periods of use without maintenance. T3 Vision Provides a long lamp life of 30,000 hours, Which means no service for bulb replacement needed for working life. Also significant energy savings are thanks to the LED Obtained Vision T3 technology: high illumination With only 30 watts of power. If lower levels of light are Necessary, energy consumption will be even lower.