DRE Waveline Pro Anesthesia Gas Monitor

With flexibility and superior performance premium quality screen
Monitor DRE € œWaveline Pro “shows up to 8 waves of medical information in color , on a screen almost 35 cm high resolution. The Waveline Pro is lightweight, portable and Measures various parameters, Including ECG (3 or 5 sensors) to measure ST segment, respiration, dual temperature, SpO2 and non-invasive pressure. Configurations are available Which measure capnography, dual invasive pressure transmitter, and agents anesthesia (5 agents N2O, FiO2, EtCO2) and Reviews having a first thermal incorporated.


  • Displays up to 8 waves information
  • ECG measurement with multiple sensors
  • You can limits for automatic alarms in September in September
  • Shows trends in tabular form and graphical
  • Color-coded alarms
  • The patient information May be Gotten
  • Battery backup support
  • Capability to connect to a computer network
  • A large screen and high resolution 35cm almost
  • Available with a built-in thermal first