ENT Microscope DRE Compass LED

Combination of classical aesthetics and modern technology
Compass LED otolaryngologist is a professional microscope That Integrates all the high performance features needed for daily treatment and diagnosis otolaryngologist. Compass LED offers excellent optical performance expandability With six steps and apochromatic lens That Improves the resolution, contrast and image depth. The LED light source to light Provides long-lasting pure white. The pantograph arm offset Allows an easy maneuver and positioning required.


“If you ‘ re currently in the market for a Zeiss or Leica M320 Pico, LED compass is an excellent alternative DRE. It is very competitive and offers the Most Important functions at a better price. Compass is Also a great choice replacement for the aging Currently one Opmi microscope in the field. Only LED lighting system can save you Thousands in total cost. “

Key features

  • Expansion System 6 Steps
  • Lux LED light source, life, Kelvin
  • Illuminator coaxial LED 20 W
  • Ocular widefield 10x
  • 250mm objective lens (also available from 200-400mm)
  • Apochromatic objective lens
  • Integrated Video Camera
  • adjustable eyepieces
  • Tilting Binocular 0-180 degrees
  • Manoeuvrable handles Giratorias
  • Design pantograph arm and adjustable Tension Control
  • Mounting Options: Fixed floor, wall, ceiling, Mesa, Live Floor
  • green and orange filter integrated
  • Extension arm of a foot available