Eye Surgery Stretcher

Maximum surgical access

The Stryker Stretcher eye surgery offers Increased clearance head in the industry, giving surgeons enough leg space while Maintaining the delicate eye procedures. The working surface of firm locking and mobile design combine to Increase patient safety and surgical


  • optional features.
  • standard features.
  • Comfort mattress 3 “(8 cm) improved.
  • Surface access Omni ™ 8 “(20 cm) With wheel covers.
  • Pneumatic double cylinder support.
  • hydraulics dual pedestal.
  • double-sided hydraulic controls.
  • Fold down railings.
  • Four IV receptacles.
  • Four-wheel foot brake pedal steel brakes and steering.
  • Hands-free trend.
  • Integrated Storage Tray with oxygen bottle holder.
  • retractable fifth wheel steering.
  • Rubber bumpers.
  • sets foot berth.
  • Uni-lower pedal.
  • Double joint, improved-headpiece.