GE CARESCAPE B850 Patient Monitor

The GE CARESCAPE B850 Patient Monitor is a high acuity various parameters to help doctors Evaluate the adequacy of anesthesia in the operating room monitor. Efficiently manage the flow of data continuity Patients With integration Between monitor and care areas.


  • Vital signs monitor high performance for use in the operating room or intensive care settings.
  • Specifically designed airway modules Provide a complete respiratory gas exchange measurement With monitoring.
  • Integrated connectivity protocols allow access to laboratories, X-rays, charts and other data.
  • The patient data module Provides a consistent measurement During intra-hospital hemodynamics transport and trend data transfers.
  • Innovative algorithms aid in accurate diagnoses: Including GE EK-Pro, noninvasive blood pressure and ECG GE DINAMAP 12 SL diagnostic communication with 2-way direct MUSE.
  • Auto View on Alarm (AVOA) Automatically shares high priority alarms Within the care unit.
  • High definition viewing of patient data in real-time and historical trends for beat-to-beat and breath-to-breath.
  • Integration with the door Aware communications link Allows the EMR system through standard HL7 protocol.
  • It shows eight to 14 waveforms and up to 22 frames parameters based on the needs of caregivers and patients.
  • The integrated USB port Allows a keyboard, mouse, barcode readers and other input devices attachments.
  • Remote control and optional hard keys Provide one-touch activation of key features.
  • Dedicated software and parameters for care areas