Hospira Infusion Pump Lifecare PCA3

Combined With Hospira MedNet software, This system LifeCare PCA next generation offers an unrivaled combination of features for therapy analgesia controlled by the patient, Including Hospira MedNet Software libraries customizable drug, code reader integrated bar for identification drug prefilled and road custom bar code generated by pharmacy , multiple sets of rules medication for up to 18 areas of clinical care, bar coding, drug vials pre-loaded, stored protocols for fast and accurate programming of standing orders and easy to use design based on human factors research.

  • Wireless connectivity capability That Facilitates Real-Time monitoring of the infusion, Including the support of Real-time verification of five rights.
  • Confirmation screens and displayed on screens stored protocols intuitive and easy to Understand programming.
  • A code reader built to help confirm the right medication and the right concentration bars.
  • Preloaded medicine bottles with color barcode labels With That help reduce errors and Ensure correct to the rules in September ACCORDING hospital drugs.
  • A clear and easy to read keypad Allows direct entry of numbers.


Promote safe delivery

  • Reader integrated barcode confirms the drug and concentration
  • Preloaded With barcode labels medicine bottles or vials With custom colored barcodes generated by pharmacy
  • Confirmation screens to add an additional level of security

Improve the efficiency of workflow

  • Robust wireless capabilities allow remote updates of the drug library
  • Easier to read keyboard
  • Dedicated device and unique design: the LifeCare PCA is intentionally designed to stand out from the overall infusion devices to help reduce the risk of user confusion and confusion of lines

Safe delivery

  • The key locking system Provides security at various levels
  • Pole to pole fasteners securing IV
  • Lock medication
  • Programming lock

Hospira MedNet ™ Easy upgrade to include Security Software

  • With the mandatory drug library Hospira MedNet software Addition of security
  • Customized drug libraries for up to 18 areas of clinical care
  • Up to 25 drugs clinical care area
  • hard and soft limits for each drug