Kangaroo 324 Feeding Pump

Enteral Feeding Pump KANGAROO ™ 324 is designed to instill a regulated flow of nutritional formula to patients who have no desire to eat properly or are unable to take oral nutrition. Enteral feeding pump KANGAROO ™ 324 is generally used in any environment where security alarms and nursing characteristics are desired. The pump provides a precise touch panel controls easy to use volumetric delivery. For safety reasons, the enteral feeding pump KANGAROO ™ 324 includes protection against the infusion and both auditory and visual alarms.

  • accurate delivery volume.
  • Possibility to preselect a dose to be administered (VTBD)
  • Overinfusion protection.
  • Touch panel controls.
  • volume totalizer with separate volume button clear.
  • High visibility LED display.
  • Audio and visual alarms with volume control variable alarm.
  • Battery 16 hours.
  • Built clamp post.