Medtronic Physio-Control Lifepak 9 Defibrillator (9, 9A, 9P) – Refurbished

The LIFEPAK 9 is monitor / defibrillator and pacemaker calidoscopio non-invasive. It offers 17 selections energy, heart rate alarms three ECG monitoring electrodes, recorder and summary of critical code event log.

The microprocessor 9 includes a supply Lifepak internal battery and is available With the option of pediatric paddles, internal paddles, pacing leads, plates, wire ECG patient and cables.


  • ECG lead selection: STD, pallets, I, II, III
  • Input: Isolated ECG via defibrillator paddles Quick-Look®, Fast-Patch® disposable defibrillation / ECG electrodes or three wire leads patient
  • Patient Cable length: 13 feet Total length (10ft Shunt three feet)
  • Common mode rejection 100 dB min. With respect to the chassis ground and at least 65 dB. With respect to isolated ground, when measured at 60Hz (the common mode range for the input of patient cable is 10 volts peak with respect to isolated ground)
  • Monitor screen size: 4 “(An.) X 3” (Al.)
  • Scan speed: 25 mm / sec
  • Frequency response: no diagnostic
  • ECG leads: 1.0 to 40 Hz (-3dB)
  • The vanes: 2.2 to 20 Hz (-3dB)
  • ECG size: Sets the amplitude of the ECG trace and monitor the registration card band
  • Heart rate meter: Three digital readouts on the display of the heart rate from 20 to 300 beats per minute, heart rate outside of this range do not produce valid systole tones or displaying heart rate
  • Heart Rate Alarm: alarm limits are user-selectable settings With three high / low (150/40, 120/60, 160/90 – other options are available limit through the setup menu); 1 mV Cal: Momentary push button on the rear panel simulates a 1 mV signal input to press ECG