Oakworks ProLuxe PT300

This table is a truly multifunctional option for medical facilities. With its upper position for maximum access to the patient, a weight capacity of 249 kg (550 lb) Allowing Bariatrics Service 17 “of low height range, Which Allows tax credits ADA and height adjustment button for exceptional accuracy and comfort, the need for maximum efficiency and best possible procedural results.


• Last access to the patient’s neck and upper torso
• Position of two manually adjusted sections (three sections): Any position, from flat to sitting, the top three sections is ready to support ITS customers for a wide variety of treatments and includes an integrated pad Oakworks Crescent Face can be reversed to support supine.
• Top rated engine: The super-quiet motor has a lifting capacity of 550 pounds. Reliable electronics plug and play ensures safe operation.
• Professional construction: the only X-Brace table that offers stability and resilience at all levels high and even with its larger bariatric clients. The exceptional height range helps you achieve compliance with up to 50% tax credit ADA.
• Foot controls: Improve efficiency with the added two foot controls convenience. It includes a single foot control with the table and can add an additional control.
• Tires: automatically locked when they are in position, these wheels allow a smooth and easy lifting operation.