Philips Intellivue MP5 Patient Monitor

Compact and Flexible trust

The IntelliVue MP5 patient monitor Philips Provides a clear connection to Their Patients, delivering the power and functionality of IntelliVue monitoring in a compact and robust housing to meet the Demands of a wide range of care environments inside and outside the hospital.

The IntelliVue MP5 offers advanced features : such as an intuitive touchscreen With clinical Measures, crisp, clear display and one-touch commands. Tools to aid clinical decision-making, Horizon Including Trends, ST Map and Surveillance Protocol, reveal more information when it counts, increase increasing clinical confidence.


advanced features for ease of use

  • Have we redesigned the user interface to Enhance the visibility of patient data, ease of use and improved Compatibility with standard software.
  • Dynamic wave area presents waves are adjusted in size Automatically Depending on the number of configured waves.
  • Capture and review 12-Lead ECG diagnostic on the monitor before sending them to the IntelliVue Information Center (IES). Print type cardiography 12-lead ECG diagnostic reports header. With the IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX) you review the interpretation of 12-lead ECGs and 12 above leads to the head and Directly triggers the export of 12-lead ECG to a file.
  • NBP measurement every now Generates a column in the table vitals trends. Measurements for other values are added to Provide a full set of vital signs data for NBP measurement time, offering a more complete picture.
  • Used with early warning score (EWS) IntelliVue Guardian, the MP5 is designed to assist caregivers in the overall floor in the early recognition of subtle signs of patient deterioration.
  • Smart Alarm Delay algorithm reduces the number of Helps nuisance alarms by pulse oximetry, Allowing you to focus your attention Where needed.

Other main features

  • Provides measurements in common use, without the user settings for typical use Necessary (ECG, SpO2, NBP, choice of two invasive pressures and temperatures, CO2 monitoring Compatibility with choice and anesthesia monitoring modules)
  • wired and wireless networking for continuous connection, Regardless of Where Patients are in the network
  • Connect to big-screen solution based on Philips IntelliVue XDS software to transform the compact IntelliVue X2 into a versatile standalone monitor with the same flexibility of exceptional screen available on IntelliVue monitors high agility.
  • Telemetry as a Parameter (TAAP) shows telemetry data through a direct connection to a telemetry transceiver
  • Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) expands monitoring capabilities to Provide near real-independent access to the data room ECG / SpO2 time