Philips M3 / M4 Portable Monitor

Demographic patient data, measurement data and trends, acquired and stored in the MMS can be Transferred to M-Series patient monitors (M3 / M4) and Philips IntelliVue 3 (MP60 / MP70 / MP90).

ECAS4 derived from EASI ™ 12 Lead wire using a set of five electrodes.

Arrhythmia Several leads.

Up to 3 channels ECG Basic Arrhythmia and ST analysis capability.

FAST-SpO2 measurement using Fourier artifacts suppression technology, for accurate performance even With low perfusion.

Respiration, blood pressure noninvasively and invasive temperature measurements.

Mainstream or Sidestream CO2, a second measurement of blood pressure and temperature invasive, and improved ability arrhythmia, OPTIONALLY available.

The compact monitor M3 / M4 Portable Patients (M3046A) patient monitor is a small and light Flexible monitoring solution offering to a wide spectrum to meet needs of monitoring. The monitor Works with the M3001A Multi-Measurement Server (MMS) and Server Extensions M3012A / M3015A / M3016A standard measurement to Provide measurements.


  • Choice of the serial interface for an external recorder dedicated (default), or IrDA interface for connection to a printer locally.
  • 3-wave or 4-waves are available.
  • Trend data, with Manual and automatic storage of events, along with a range of styles of reporting help you track and document the progress of your patient.
  • Color display with a wide viewing angle.
  • The optional battery tells you the remaining capacity and longer transport times Allows. You Can Easily exchange without loss of transport During settings.
  • Touchbar human interface – quick to learn and easy to use.
  • The protective rubber bezel, available in four colors, Provides additional protection in transportation scenarios.

Patient transfers Demographic patient data, measurement data and trends (up to the last eight hours a resolution of one minute for all numbers) are stored in the MMS and can be charged to other Philips patient monitors up the last four hours. M-Series (M3 / M4) 5, and a full eight hours the IntelliVue family. Patients can be Transferred by disconnecting the MMS from the monitor, then a plug it into a new monitor.

Local recorder

You can connect your chart recorder to monitor independent band (GSI Lumonics XE-50p, order number M3080A # H20) through the optional interface recorder series (see Ordering Information).

The following recordings are supported:

  • Local strips in real time
  • Local strips delayed
  • Alarms
  • vital signs
  • Trends and events stored


The colored display has a wide viewing angle and excellent visibility from a distance, so you can see the Easily Recognize and data needed for decision-making. Where applications for a larger screen is required, you can connect an additional display to the monitor through the VGA standard output (consult your Philips representative for more information).

Networking Systems

In larger installations, Several of These monitors can be networked and connected to

Information center – with or without wires, for maximum flexibility. Not only This networked system monitoring Allows the center, but Also the view from bed to bed on any connected monitor. A permanent display at the top of the screen displays the status of conveniently alarm beds Assigned to the group caregiver at all times.

expected use

M3 and M4 patient monitors are designed to be used by clinicians for adult, pediatric and neonatal Patients in areas of critical and intermediate operating rooms and wards overall care, and transportation Within and outside the hospital. US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.