Refurbished – Zoll M Series Defibrillator

Some defibrillators from Zoll M Series are available new or remanufactured professionally.

A Model for Every Single interface application-

Defibrillators from Zoll M Series offers a family of products to meet Their needs from BLS to clinical ACLS. Products vary AED defibrillators and advisors manuals and CCT units. Thanks to the quality of each team, you learn Once and used in all parts. Standardization has never been so easy.


Built with Patients and Users in Mind

The smaller, lighter and livelier easy handling unit class Provides optimal energy yvisión ACY while battery charger does not add size or weight.

OperacionesZolltienecontroles simple and intuitive menu system REDUCE the cost of training and operator confusion.

A variety of electrodes and palasson designed to meet all your needs, and the ability to pre-connection and reduces stress in common connectors critícales situations.

Better parameters for OpcionesSe Need

ECG12-Lead equivalent is available estándarpara fax transmission or digitally for real-time transition virtually any communication technology With your wishes.

Pulse Oximetry / SpO2 Masimo use signal processing technology SET®para accurate measurements in the presence of motion, strong light, low perfusion and when to pacing.

EtCO2tiene CO2Respironics Novametrix monitoring End Main Tidalcon options or direct current secundariapara Their Please all patients.