Skytron Aurora II LED Lights

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
The Aurora II skytron LED Allows the surgeon to position control focus and intensity by the central sterile handle. Providing excellent high intensity light with illumination of deep cavities and free performance the surgeon can select shadows the color , temperature; 4100 ° K or 4500 ° light bright white K. The suspension system Skytron Aurora II LED offers 360 ° rotation at all pivot points and the arms of Skytron Aurora II are prewired for optional Precision HD video camera light. Skytron Aurora II use half the energy of a halogen light bulbs to change without, and long lasting LEDs make the Skytron Aurora II is the choice of Hundreds of hospitals worldwide.


  • durable LED light and friendly atmosphere
  • Five LED holders on ITS head to Provide light up to 135 000 lux.
  • Selectable Color temperature of 4,100K (White opaque) or 4,500K (bright white).
  • Dynamically focusable, satellite LEDs are combined With high wattage bulbs LEDs fixed stations to deliver superior illumination of deep cavities without shadows.
  • Light with 360 ° maneuverability of rotation at all pivot points 20 ° upward and 90 ° tilt downward flexibility.
  • Precision HD camera optional HD video images.
  • multiple options, Including single, double and triple configurations.


Central Illuminance

  • up to 135,000 lux

Color Temperature

  • Adjustable – 4,000K or 4,500K

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

  • 96 @ 4,500K

Red Color Index (R9)

  • 97 @ 4,500K