Steris Amsco 400 Series (Small)

This sterilizer 20 x 20 is validated to Accommodate a maximum of three sets of 25 pounds (up to 75 pounds) per charge, and the models 16 inch sterilizable two sets of 25 pounds (up to 50 pounds per cycle), by AAMI Guide for processing weights

Product Highlights The control system of small steam sterilizers AMSCO 400 series offers enhanced functionality and user-friendly display interface.

touch screen with a display area 30 lines x 40 characters
Impact printer ink on paper
Help screens for programming and troubleshooting alarm conditions
automatic checking of the control program and data Maintains the integrity cycle of the process
Service reprogrammable flash ROM
Available with electric vacuum pump optional water saving
Vertical sliding door with loading and unloading capacity handsfree
Opening and closing the door by the pedal activated
Door sealing unlubricated and steam activated