Steris Amsco Evolution

The difference in controls Evolution is obvious, even from across the room. improvements in efficiency and productivity – – Final results are equally clear. A dramatic redesign of controls and displays Evolution includes clear, high-resolution graphics and Ethernet-enabled PC control. With one touch, operators can begin to learn and control work.

Enjoy the evolutionary Differences in Their sterile processing department With higher performance, less downtime and greater efficiency.


  • 316 L stainless steel construction – Camera and jacket
  • Fewer welds, RESULTING in less metal fatigue
  • Fully lined chamber to optimize the uniform heating of the chamber and minimize condensation
  • Manual folding door locking mechanism easy opening
  • Automated horizontally or vertically opening of door safety function hitchhike
  • Board to reduce the steam activated Possibility That Enters the air chamber
  • Easy access and loading
  • Easy loading system operator to align Eliminates

Steris Amsco Evolution Specifications

Easy to use

  • The Allen-Bradley PLC Provides control one-touch operation at an ergonomic height.


  • Available in 26 “x 26” for efficient sterilization of glassware, media preparation and utensils with measuring camera / read and easy jacket 26 “x 37.5” to provide the required to handle higher volumes and Accommodate large capacity equipment: such as cages animals.

Easy to Maintain

  • The ProConnect ™ remote monitoring system can be provided to minimize response time and maximize unscheduled downtime With secure remote monitoring, based on the Internet, around the clock and around the world.


  • Systems maximize efficiency by adjusting the specific requirements of each single load configuration through multiple cycles With fully adjustable parameters : such as; A pre-vacuum cycle, a cycle of gravity and a liquid cycle.


  • The materials of high quality and accuracy Helps Ensure That each assembly system meets the demanding standards of laboratory operations.


  • Chamber length: 991 mm (39 “) 1245 mm (49”); 1549 mm (61 “)
  • Cleaning service: 1168 mm (46 “) 1422 mm (56”); 1727 mm (68 “)
  • Car charging distance: 2362 mm (93 “) 2616 mm (103”); 2946 mm (116 “)
  • Wall thickness: 102 mm (4 “) Max ;. 102-203 mm (4-8”); 102-203 mm (4-8 “)


  • Twenty (20) cycles are available as standard. The sterilizer factory program With the following applicable sterilization cycles including:
    • Cycle gravity, liquid cycle, cycle vacuum leak test cycle, daily cycle air extraction (DART), Bowie-Dick test, liquid air cycle cooling, decontamination cycle effluent